Weight wellness program

Kick-start your wellness journey with The Retreat Rx Weight Wellness Program. Our personalized approach, wellness techniques, and professional guidance will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Your initial consultation includes a comprehensive assessment with our Nurse Practitioner. Book your consultation now and start your transformation!

Disclaimer: qualifying individuals must have a BMI of 30 or higher, or a BMI of 27 with comorbid conditions, eg: Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia.
Note: individuals that do not meet criteria for Weight Wellness Program at time of consultation will pay a $50 fee for services.
Please bring in any recent lab work to determine eligibility into the program.

**Medication cost is not included in initial consultation fee**

$250 Initial Consultation Fee

Laser hair removal minimizes the regrowth of facial and body hair and results in less dense, less coarse hair texture. This hair removal solution is less painful and more effective than other solutions providing at least 80% long-term hair removal with the recommended 6-9 treatments and annual maintenance if needed.

Anywhere on the body
*Small areas start at $50
  (IE. Chin, Upper Lip, Side Burns, Under Arms)
*Medium areas start at $100
  (Full Face, Bikini, Upper or Lower Extremities)
*Large areas start at $200 
  (Back, Full Extremities, Brazilian)
Package - Purchase 5 treatments, get 1 free.


A shot of one of the most essential vitamins for powering your body. This quick injection is perfect for those deficient in B-12 and looking for an energy boost. 

$20 per injection

Immune Booster iv

Strengthen your immune system and feel better faster! Immune boosters: This IV contain ingredients that have been shown to help the immune system. These infusions are designed to improve the time it takes for healing to occur, reduce inflammation and duration of illnesses, and guard against infection. 

$125 per treatment

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