Pre & Post Care

IV Vitamin Pre Treatment Instructions:

• Make sure you are well hydrated prior to your visit. Dehydration can make
it difficult to start an IV.

• Make sure you eat something before your visit. We suggest a high protein snack. Low blood sugar due to fasting can make you feel lightheaded, weak, and dizzy.

• Your provider will discuss your main concerns and desired outcomes with you. Your provider will review your medical history and any medications you are taking. IF you have any complex medical conditions, our physician or NP may request you obtain blood work or further testing and/or your personal physician’s approval prior to administering any IV infusions.

• Depending on your customized IV cocktail, the infusion may last from 20-60 minutes.

• We cannot treat pregnant or breast-feeding mamas.

Please call us at 915-291-0844 for any questions or concerns.

IV Vitamin Post Care Instructions:

• Keep Band-Aid in place for 15-20 min.

• Warm packs and elevating your arm can be used for any bruising at the site.

• Cold packs can be used for pain relief and to decrease any swelling at the

• Any swelling should be reported if it continues for more than 24 hrs post treatment.

• Post IV infusion symptoms are uncommon. Dehydration is usually the cause of most symptoms and concerns.

• We encourage you to drink at least 1-2 16 oz. bottles of water after your IV

• If you do not consume enough water, you may experience any of the
following symptoms: headaches, nausea, joint pain, blurred vision,
cramping (GI and/or muscular), mental confusion or disorientation.

• If any concerning symptoms persist, please go to your local urgent care or emergency room for evaluation or call 911.