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This popular treatment provides a fresh, youthful look to the face. Used to treat volume loss, filler lifts and plumps the skin, smooths lines, and enhances facial features in areas like the cheeks, the lips, and under the eyes. It lasts for a year + and has minimal downtime. 

Lip Fill – Starts at $650
Mid-Face – Starts at $750
Lower face starts at $650

NeuroToxin Injections

These injectables smooth the skin while reversing or softening static lines/wrinkles. We specialize in advanced neurotoxin techniques that correct issues like a gummy smile, under eye jelly rolls, and pebbly chins. Injections are also great for brow lifts, smoothing of neck texture, and facial slimming with masseter reduction. Results in 10-14 days and last 3-5 months. No downtime is required.

Additional benefits:
Beneficial side effects of masseter reduction/facial slimming treatment include the relaxing of tense jaw muscles, to ease TMJ-related issues. Neurotoxin injections can also help excessive sweating (Hyperhydrosis) for 3-5 months in affected areas.

Pricing: Dysport, $3.85 per unit 
Botox, $12 per unit, 
Xeomin, $10 per unit

botox, dysport, and xeomin

*Number of units needed are determined during in-person assessment

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